Since the company's founding, Babbel has believed strongly in a commitment to ESG principles. We have incorporated this belief not just in our product, but in the way we engage with our learners and the communities around us.  This is in the DNA of Babbel.

From our founders to our current management team, we believe  ESG principles play a significant role in building a strong company. 

ESG highlights are shown below, with  further detail in our 2021 ESG Report.

Environmental Initiatives

In addition to long-standing initiatives, such as 100% reliance on renewable energy in our Berlin office, we have implemented new green initiatives in both of our offices.

Photo by Nico Roicke 

Social Contribution

Social good is at the heart of what we do, providing accessible language learning opportunities across the globe. This works for our learners as well as for us internally.  Babbel employs people across more than 68 nationalities, with gender equality across levels, including senior management.

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Governance Best Practice

Babbel Group AG has a Supervisory Board that includes founders, long-time advisors and a global selection of Education industry experts. We are gender balanced across the Management Board, the executive board and throughout the company. 

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Diversity by Numbers

One of our core values is “Diversity makes us stronger,” and we are working continuously to make Babbel an increasingly diverse and inclusive workplace for our employees.

Our Social Impact

Babbel operates from the belief that products, and companies, should be developed to solve a real user problem and be rooted in purpose.  

With this background, Babbel created free language courses for Ukrainians to learn German, Polish and English. Created with Babbel's high-quality standards, the courses offer native Ukrainian speakers the opportunity to learn for free with Babbel’s award-winning app. 

As of today, more than 300,000 Ukrainian speakers have learned with Babbel's free language courses. 

We collaborate with the Syrian Youth Assembly to help displaced youth learn languages by providing them with free access to the Babbel app. Thanks to our collaboration, which started in August 2020, more than 13,000 of their members were able to learn with Babbel.

Since August 2020, Babbel has partnered with Le Flambeau Foundation to provide language learning tools and scholarships to Haitian students that will help them find strong careers. We’ve provided free subscriptions and donated time to help meet various needs. In particular, we’ve provided vouchers to the Spark of Le Flambeau, an English-language exchange program for students in Haiti and the United States.

Partnerships with Organizations

If you're an organization with a social mission aligned with our values and looking for language learning opportunities but can't afford a Babbel subscription, you can apply for free access to Babbel if you match our criteria:

Display Languages

To learn with Babbel, your learners have to speak German, English, Polish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Spanish, or Ukrainian fluently.

Learning Languages

With Babbel, you can learn German, Danish, Dutch, English, Polish, French, Italian, Indonesian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish,  Spanish, Turkish.

Learners' Age

Babbel's content is aimed at adult learners, so we can only offer free access to learners who are 18+  years old.

Please note that we don't offer financial support. 

After submitting the questionnaire, we'll get back to you via email shortly. 
 In urgent cases, you can also send an email to [email protected].

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our business directly addresses two of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

As a language-learning company, there is a clear connection between our products, our purpose and SDG 4. Additionally, many of our social impact initiatives focus on education access and equity.

As a company, we are committed to working towards a more equitable product and workplace, with initiatives promoting gender equality through our salary benchmarking and 50/50 gender parity throughout the company, diversity and equity initiatives in content creation. This is how we are advancing SDG 10.

The development of an inclusive society and the promotion of peace are closely linked to language learning. By learning a new language, individuals are able to communicate and understand other perspectives and cultures, fostering empathy and reducing prejudice. Babbel not only teaches people the language, but also allows users to develop a broader understanding of the culture behind the newly learned language.

Impact Team

Susanne Wechsler (she/her)

Director of Babbel Impact

Lea Kliemann (she/her)

Social Impact & Sustainability Manager

Jessica Zewe (she/her)

Junior Social Impact & Sustainability Manager

For questions about social impact and sustainability at Babbel, please contact our impact team by email: [email protected]