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Babbel is a market-leading online language learning ecosystem and the world's most sold online language learning app.   The combination of a deep understanding of didactical science and linguistics wiht a true appreciation for culture and languages around the world, supported by a scalable data driven platform make Babbel a unique offering.  Both individuals and corporate clients have access through the ecosystem to a range of learning methods to achieve optimal learning success. 

Brand Awareness

  • European Champion: #1 player in Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland 

  • Babbel has demonstrated significant success in scaling its position in the U.S. since entry in 2015, where it has driven brand awareness from 11% in the second quarter of 2015 to 64% by the second quarter of 2021 

2021 Financial Highlights

  • €188 million Cash Revenue in 2021 
  • €11 million Free Cash Flow generated in 2021

High-Growth Levers

  • 56% CAGR B2C US Billed Sales, 2016-2021
  • +151% growth B2B Billed Sales in 2021 against the prior year
  • ~10,000 Babbel Live subscribers in the first months since launch

2021 Prospectus and IPO Information

For more information on the postponed IPO and the full prospectus, please follow the link below


Jennifer Janson

Director Corporate Finance

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